The Lash Kit for Almond Eyes

The Lash Kit for Almond Eyes pairs your favorite Tweezerman Curl 38° Curler and The Mascara by Jones Road together for the ultimate lash routine. The Curl 38° Eyelash Curler is perfectly crafted to lift lashes for almond and deep set eyes. The Mascara is an inky, ultra-pigmented black mascara that separates, volumizes, and lifts all at once. Arrives in a custom cosmetic pouch.
 1. Start with the Curl 38° Curler to lift lashes. Always curl lashes before applying mascara. 
 2. Open eyes wide to insert and center lashes. With curler pad placed at base of lash line, hold handles firmly and gently squeeze. 
 3. Hold for a few seconds, then open curler slowly to release lashes. 
 4. Repeat up the length of lash from base to tip for an even more intense curl. 
5. Apply The Mascara as the final step to separate, lift, and volumize. To add definition and help your lashes fan out, use the curved Mascara wand on the little lashes at the inner and outer corners of the eyes. Use a little to keep it natural, or layer to go bold.
• 38° angled top bar is the perfect fit for curling lashes on almond-shaped or deep-set eyes.
• Designed with a narrow opening to reach every last lash without pinching skin or bending lashes.
• Thick, rounded silicone lash pads are hypoallergenic and won’t crimp or stick to lashes, unlike rubber pads that can cause irritation.
• 3 replacement pads included.
The Mascara:
• The fundamental mascara. An inky, ultra-pigmented black mascara that is clean, cruelty-free, and provides conditioning.
• Separates, lifts, and volumizes lashes in one fell swoop. Use a little to keep it natural. Layer to go bold.
• A curved wand captures inner corner baby lashes and lengthens outer lashes. Formulated for flexibility and softness.
Curler: Clean pads after use with alcohol wipe. With daily use, we recommend replacing curler pad after three months and curler after one year.
Pouch: To clean canvas pouch, use a white cloth and warm water with a mild detergent. Air dry.
Safe for you and the planet, vegan & cruelty free, sustainable packaging, sharpening servicesSafe for you and the planet, vegan & cruelty free, sustainable packaging, sharpening services

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