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Comfort Callus Shaver & Rasp
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Handle pedicures with ease. Simply shave away stubborn calluses and wave goodbye to rough, dry skin with this pedicure duo that's easy on your hands.
Key Benefits
• Ergonomic handle is designed to keep you comfortable and in control for a precise pedi • Easily reduce hard calluses and evenly smooth skin with combo shaver and finely textured rasp
• Blade is reversible, so you have two new shaver edges in one
• Replacement blades available for hygiene when ready to change out
Tool Tips
Clean and soak feet to prep and help soften hard skin. Repeatedly glide shaver gently across the corn or callus to remove thin layers of hard, dead skin. After removing calluses, snap rasp onto head of shaver and work back and forth over callused area to smooth skin. Shaver blade is sharp, handle with care. Keep out of reach of children.
Tool Care
Clean rasp and shaver with isopropyl alcohol after each use. To change blade on shaver: 1. Lay on flat hard surface. 2. While securely holding sides of bladeholder, push handle forward. 3. Lift handle. Without touching razor, turn holder over so that blade drops from holder. 4. Insert new blade. While holding sides of bladeholder, reposition handle and pull towards you. Warning: Use caution to avoid injury. Handle with extreme care. Blades are sharp. DO NOT CUT LIVE SKIN. To prevent cross contamination, do no use blades on more than one individual. Avoid handling blade’s razor edge.
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