Emerald Shimmer Nail Care Set

This Limited Edition Nail Care Set features high-quality and durable tools for easy and precise nail triming and gentle cuticle care.


  • Nail Clipper features sharp, strong, stainless steel cutting edges for easy manicure maintenance.
  • The cuticle pushy is combined with a nail cleaner for gently pushing back cuticles and cleaning under the nail.
  • The Mini Cuticle Nipper handles like a tweezer, for perfect control while in use.
  • Glass nail file smooths and shapes nails.


Clean pushy ends, clipper and nipper blades after each use. Wipe clean with alcohol wipe. Clipper, Nipper and Pushy can be sanitized in an autoclave or barbicide. Clean the glass file with mild soap and water.

Tool Tips

Tool Tips
  1. Start by trimming nails into desired shape with the nail clipper. Starting at the corners and clipping toward the center.
  2. Apply moisturizer or cuticle cream onto clean nails to gently soften cuticles. Use flat end of Pushy to push back cuticles and cleaner end to remove debris under and around nails.
  3. Trim excess cuticles and hangnails with the Mini Cuticle Nipper, never cut live skin.
  4. Finish by gently shaping and smoothing nails with the glass nail file.

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