Deluxe Shaving Brush

Premium synthetic fibers are cruelty-free and more hygienic than animal hair. Brush head is densely filled to soften rough stubble while gently exfoliating skin in preparation for a clean, close, comfortable, irritation-free shave.


• High quality brush designed to create, hold and distribute a rich lather that's ideal for prepping skin for shaving

• Makes rough stubble easier to remove for smoother shaving

• Helps avoid bumps and razor burn to give you optimal results post-shaving

• Using a shaving brush produces a mild exfoliating effect on the skin, sweeping away tiny bits of debris from around hair stubble. It may even lift out stubborn ingrown hairs.


Rinse brush and air dry.

Tool Tips

Tool Tips
Moisten face with warm water to soften hairs. Wet shaving brush, shake off excess water, and rotate brush over shaving soap to create desired amount of lather. Apply lather in a circular scrubbing motion to shaving area. Comb remaining facial hair daily to keep it neat and well-groomed.

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