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Pedro Callus Stone

Not just for sandal season. Keep calluses at bay while getting feet in tip-top flip-flop shape. Feet will not only look great, but will feel silky-smooth and super soft all year round.

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Soak feet to prep and help soften hard skin. While skin is still soft and damp, use the course side to exfoliate especially rough or callused spots. Use the opposite side to smooth bottoms of feet and between and around toes.

To clean callus stone, use soap and water.

Not just for pedicure prima donas, The Pedro is perfect for quick fixes during any girls daily beauty regimen: try exfoliating each foot for just six seconds in the shower — great in combination with your favorite moisturizing soap to keep feet pretty between pedicures.  Keep a dry Pedro on hand to use anytime to quickly rub scaley surface flakes away from skin in a jiff.