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Deluxe Shaving Brush Set

New premium synthetic fibers are cruelty-free and more hygienic than animal hair. Brush head is densely filled to soften rough stubble while gently exfoliating skin in preparation for a clean, close, comfortable, irritation-free shave. FREE gift with purchase: moustache/beard comb.


• High quality brush designed to create, hold and distribute a rich lather that's ideal for prepping skin for shaving
• Makes rough stubble easier to remove for smoother shaving
• Helps avoid bumps and razor burn to give you optimal results post-shaving
• A cleaner, closer shave lasts longer for a neat, dapper look and feel whether for everyday or special events
• Free moustache/beard comb gift with purchase is convenient for keeping any remaining facial hair groomed and tidy

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Moisten face with warm water to soften hairs. Wet shaving brush, shake off excess water, and rotate brush over shaving soap to create desired amount of lather. Apply lather in a circular scrubbing motion to shaving area. Comb remaining facial hair daily to keep it neat and well-groomed.


Rinse brush and air dry.